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Women wearing neckties

Women can and are wearing neckties…dare to be different and stay clear of the skinny tie and get yourself a unique one of a kind upcycled necktie necklace creation!

Who said women can’t wear neckties?

Some men are clueless when it comes to fashion and yet, we are inspired by their style (ex. the boyfriend trend). Another trend that tends to lurk around from time to time is the necktie trend. Fact is, women have been wearing neckties since the early 1900s marking a bold statement but the look became popular after actress Diane Keaton was seen wearing one in the movie Annie Hall. Also fact: a woman wearing a tie is beyond the norm but it definitely never fails to catch the eye. Because ties are traditionally associated with men, when a woman wears a tie it suggests a stronger fashion statement. It also suggests a strong personality which is why in order to wear a tie, the right attitude must follow in suit.

Confidence is key.

There are numerous ways a woman can wear a tie. First off, a woman can either wear a skinny tie or a larger tie. A skinny tie can be worn with a fitted shirt/blouse or on a waist coat or vest.  The tie look can either be complimented by jeans or by a skirt, either a mini-skirt or a pencil skirt. This look can be worn to the office and even out to dinner with friends.

What’s great about wearing a tie is that there are different ways the look can be played with and worn and ties come in a variety of colors and styles so, why not change it up a bit?

Next time you’re looking for something a bit different, sneak into a man’s closet and borrow a tie. And while you’re at it, why not some cufflinks?

Take wearing a tie to a whole new level with an upcycled necktie necklace  – the ultimate woman’s tie necklace accessory!